Pride in Print Awards 2016

Gold Medal Winners

Packaging Winner 2016 – Process Award – Inkjet

21 Gold Awards
1 Highly Commended Award


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With the determination to create high-quality promotional packaging boxes for businesses in New Zealand and all over the world, our team at APC Innovate has created and engineered countless packaging designs that exceeded our expectations.

Staying true to our commitment to quality, we have been fortunate to be commended for the work that we do. In 2016, the team at APC Innovate received a total of 22 awards from the Pride in Print Awards – a local award-giving body that recognises companies for creating quality printed packaging that pushes boundaries and promotes excellence.

The team at APC Innovate received 21 Gold awards for our entries across several categories: Industry Development & Creativity, Labels, Promotional Print, and Sign & Display Print.

We also received a Highly Commended award for our Reckitt Benckiser Airwick Presenter entry under the Packaging category.

Winning these awards is a testament that our hard work and determination to create unique packaging solutions have a real impact not only on our clients but also to the customers they serve.

This motivates our team to continue challenging our limits and create more products that inspire and create impact.

Highly Commended