Permanent Displays

Our permanent display solutions showcase products in a way that delivers maximum impact in a highly-competitive retail environment. We combine function, structure and design to fulfill your aesthetic and marketing needs.

We focus our permanent display development efforts on making sure that your products are neatly and attractively displayed to stimulate impulse sales. Our permanent display solutions will encourage your existing brand followers to repurchase and call for potential new ones to try

From Counter Units & Hangsells, to Floor Stand Displays, to Gondola & Wallbays, to specialty displays, our products are designed and crafted according to your product display goals.

Our goal is to make sure that your products are seen and noticed — eye-catching to customers even from a distance. In a busy retail floor full of colours and offerings, we aim to help you stand out.

Apart from ensuring high-quality design, we also guarantee durability in everything we produce. We use high-quality materials so your permanent displays last long, giving you the most value for your money.